03 February 2010

DOJ Now With Even More Kafkaesque

In case Eric Holder's Department of Justice isn't Kafkaesque enough, with dropping clear-cut cases of voter intimidation that had already been won against New Black Panthers who were filmed outside a polling place swinging nightsticks and telling white people not to vote there, prosecuting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian criminal court in New Fricking York for waging war against the United States, sending Elian Gonzalez back to the communist hellhole of Cuba (yes, Holder was the one), and refusing to pursue charges against ACORN, guess what? It can get even more Kafkaesque.
Justice is advertising for prospective trial attorneys in its Civil Rights Division. The ad specifically says that the department encourages applicants who suffer from “mental retardation” and “mental illness.” It is one thing to accommodate those with illnesses that do not otherwise render them unfit to serve in a highly demanding and elite corps of DOJ attorneys; but to seek out those who are “mentally retarded” for special consideration is certainly novel.
Here is the screenshot for your non-progressive eyes to see. Progressives will not need to see evidence with their eyes. They process every vying truth claim through their ideology lobe instead of using common sense and getting the facts straight.

So it is possible that the DOJ could send a mentally ill, mentally retarded, completely paralyzed, blind, and deaf attorney with dwarfism and gigantism out to pursue a RICO case against ACORN and SEIU.


Suddenly it doesn't seem quite so unexpected...

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