21 October 2010

Chris Coons Comes Out


04 October 2010

Latest Gossip from unnamed sources at the Capitol Building

When I was walking down the Capitol Steps tonight the director of Charlie Rangel's office was walking a heifer up the steps. I asked him what he was doing with a cow at the Capital. Was he playing a joke on someone?

"No," he said, "I got Bessie for the milk."

"You're going to have a cow in Rangel's offices," I observed.

"Yeah, her name's Bessie."

"Isn't that gross?"

"What do you mean?"

"What about the shit and the flies?" I asked.

"Bessie can get used to them," he answered.


03 October 2010

Just a note on the refrigerator door

Create jobs my ass

Jim Treacher stuck an interesting posty note to his fridge today, let's see what it says, shall we?

West Texas Boy|10.3.10 @ 8:59AM|#

I am so fucking tired of hearing - from both sides of the spectrum - that something needs to be done about "jobs."


Jobs are a byproduct of healthy industry. They are not a goal in and of themselves and they most definitely are not something the government itself should be trying to encourage or create.

Jobs are what happen when someone has too much work to do by himself, so he gets someone to help. If you want to work, GO FUCKING WORK. Start a fucking business. Find something that you can do and do it and sell the product of your labor to others.

What? You don't want work for yourself? You want to work for someone else? Fine, but it's not businessowners' responsibility to employ people and its not the federal governments responsibility to somehow force them to. If you want a fucking job, then AGITATE THE FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO EXPAND BUSINESS AND "JOBS" WILL COME. Make it easier for the people who actually do business and jobs will come as a byproduct. Jesus Christ, and you're also asking for higher taxes on the very people you need to create your precious JOBS? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY? Why does everyone want to be treated like a child? And the goddam federal government ENCOURAGES this shit.

I am so fucking tired of this straight out of Marx shit that somehow the people are just entitled to share in someone else's fortune and capital in the name of "jobs." GO MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING JOB.

Businesses aren't in the business of making "jobs," they're in the business of CREATING VALUE FOR THEIR OWNERS. When you say that a business should be making more JOBS, you are saying that the capital of those business owners should not actually belong to them and belongs to the "workers". Thanks a fucking lot, Stalin.

"Fund Jobs Not Wars"

Has it every occurred to these people that only one of those is actually the responsibility of the federal government to fund, and its not "JOBS".

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I am surly this morning and this isn't helping.

Read responses-

I'm thinking it pretty much says it all...


So Commies Have Nothing to do with Obama and OneNation... WRONG

In which Blago gets serious.

Why was this post on the Communist Party USA Website directly linked from the Organizing for America page for the OneNation march?

Why we march and vote

October 1 2010

tags: statement, protest, elections, racism, red baiting, democracy

On October 2, tens of thousands of people will stand together in Washington, D.C. demanding that Congress reject the Republican right-wing obstruction and put the creation of jobs and the plight of the jobless on the front burner.

The most crucial midterm elections in our nation's history are barely a month away. What's at stake? The future of the changes our country voted for in 2008 with the election of President Obama. The message then was clear: the voters had enough of the right-wing policies attacking working people, enough of endless war, racism, environmental destruction, hate and division.

But the forces of reaction and their supporters on Wall Street, in the right-wing talk shows and networks are regrouping. They are seeking to return to power by taking advantage of the tremendous frustration, fear and desperation of Americans who are suffering in the midst of the economic crisis.

Corporate America is doing everything possible to grow fear, hysteria and hatred. They aim to discredit, divide and derail the thing they fear most - the power of the united movement for change led by President Obama. That movement encompasses the labor, communities of color, women, youth, the LGBT community and their many allies,

They are stirring up confusion and hatred -- using as they always have -- the twin and vile pollutants of racism and red baiting.

They aim to tear apart the beautiful multi-racial, multi-national fabric that makes up this country, through the despicable use of racism and bias directed at Pres. Obama, African Americans, Latinos, other people of color, immigrants and the LGBT community. They seek to infect disaffected white Americans with racist ideas hoping they will vote against their self interests.

Corporate America is also using anti-communism and red baiting to confuse and divide the people's movement, charging Obama and the movement that elected him is "socialist." They seek to revive the "red scare" of the 1950s when McCarthyism disfigured the national discourse, undermined democracy and free speech, effectively divided the labor and people's movements, and setback progress for a generation.

But this is a different time. People have learned the bitter lessons of history. Millions are coming forward to counter fear and hate with unity and hope, and to protect the democratic majorities in Congress. The Communist Party USA and Young Communist League stand with them.

While thousands are rallying in Washington for jobs, hundreds of thousands of other patriotic Americans who can't make it will be there in spirit. They will spend their day canvassing door to door, phone banking, registering new voters and talking to their neighbors and co-workers about the issues.

This activism will ensure millions will also march united to the polls on Nov. 2. to guard the change they voted for in 2008.

Those who choose to stand in the way of this expression of the highest ideals of our nation, stand against the interest of the vast majority of the American people.

Please review this article with me. The communist party, in a page on the communist party's own website in which the official voice of the CPUSA promotes the October 2nd march, is claiming that the marchers have nothing to do with communism, despite the fact that the communists are among the marchers. They also note that anti-communism of the 50s set back the "progress" they wanted to make at the time for a generation. In other words, anti-communism set communism back by a generation. In other other words, it worked!

In this smoking gun of a note, the Communist Party of the USA combines a lot of claims. Let's list some of them.
  • All progressive goals are shared by communists. In other words, there is no substantive difference between progressives and communists. Hear that, progressive douchebags? You are identical to communists! And you're too stupid to realize it! Same for you TV and newspaper idjits. You're commies too! Ever wonder why the government wants to take your failing businesses over? Ever hear of Pravda and Izvestia? Yeah, that's your future, commies. Write what the government wants or look forward to a body bag. Try speaking truth to power then.
  • Communists are completely behind the goals of the Democratic Party and its leader, Barack "Uncle Joe" Obama. Are you Democrats who think you're still in the party of Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy sure you agree with goals that come from the Communist Party?
  • Communists blame Corporate America for the anti-communism of many TEA Partiers. This couldn't be further from the truth. All corporations have fully bought into diversity and preferential treatment of communist specified victim classes (Gramsci, if you want the name of the communist who specified them) by human resources departments everywhere. Tea Partiers identified communism around Obama because so many of his friends and family, including both his parents, step father, his two grandparents who raised him, his childhood mentor, his ghostwriter and bomb-making buddy Bill Ayers, and many of the people he sought out in college were communists or other types of marxists. Oh, and that doesn't even mention all the card carrying communists he put into the White House, starting with Van Jones and Anita Dunn. Even after being intentionally fooled by the progressive media, by progressive domination of education, the courts, many churches, and indoctrinating human resources departments, the American people are smart enough to identify a communist when he's wearing a Maoist red star on his Maoist army cap and waxing poetic about redistributing the wealth away from the capitalist robber barons. Anybody ever wonder where the jobs are coming from when everything that communists and other Democrats do crushes the abilities of small employers to hire people for a wage they can afford to pay? Small employers would create 80% of the jobs America needs to recover from the recession, but they are being prevented from hiring because Democrats have reinterpreted the laws and regulations in ways that make employers' continued existence and success uncertain. How can they prudently hire in such an environment without risking losing it all?
  • Communists claim that "white voters" would vote against their self interests by voting against the communist party's program. This isn't true either. The interests of all Americans are to have a more prosperous nation where we are all free. The Communist program will create a poorer nation, with unemployment permanently at 20% or higher, where the middle class joins the poor in a permanent underclass living on government assistance, where labor unions are banned, dissent is punished by disappearance, and our government's leaders become our masters instead of our public servants. As it always has, communism in the US would create a nation of slaves and destroy the economy and the ability to produce food. Starvation would result. Anyone who votes for communists is voting for their own destruction and that of their children and grandchildren.
  • Communists claim that the Tea Parties are driven by racism. This couldn't be further from the truth either. Tea Partiers are color blind, unlike the Communists themselves who divide Americans up into groups by race and other fault-lines in order to pit them against each other. They act as if the anti-communism of TEA Partiers was an obvious falsehood, when it is the communist party itself that with this article and many others has bragged it is part of Obama's coalition! Tea Partiers are driven by Americanism, by individualism, which is irrevocably opposed to communism, socialism, and progressivism. Tea Partiers have slowly come to realize this, and they are accepting that this time when they fight back the communists, as Americans had to do in the 50s, they will have to finish the fight instead of just leaving the beaten communists in peace. This time there will be no truce. The Republican leaders don't realize this yet, though some close to the leadership do. And this is the reason why the communists and progressives are so excitable about things. They realize all their plans to wreck America might be defeated forever, and they could be forced to emigrate to a country that is already communist or socialist. Such places are no fun to live in, especially when you are a failed communist.
By the way, when you visit this post it won't be the same. That's because the CPUSA edited it to try to change history after it had already happened. Remember how Joe Stalin would have the photos of people he had murdered removed from the photos in which they had once appeared? This is typical communist behavior, to change history so they can avoid getting blamed for their actions.

No Truth in Pravda, and No News in Izvestia.

Or in American, No Reality in Reality TV and No News in the News: Either paper or broadcast.

They edited their page because Communists are dedicated and trained liars. You need to watch out for them and turn your bullshit detector to high gain. Democrats who don't agree with the communist program still have time to get away from the progressive douchebags who have taken over their party. Either take the party back from them or quit the party altogether and join with the other party while we all fight off the progressive-communist threat.

Eventually we will beat those communist-progressive douchebags and send them back to Uranus, where they came from. Those assholes.


01 October 2010

LCD stands for Lowest Common Denominator

And that's what we are pandering to tonight. Babes! Bikinis! Machine Guns! Babes with muscles! Babes in cowboy hats.

Rock on Party People!

And did I mention that Gloria Allred got pwned by Greta Van Susteren tonight? Allred is going to have to go into hiding wherever idiots go to hide from the people who have seen through their charade. Allred, your days of pretending to serve the interests of your clients as you try to use them to create a scandal with which to tar a Republican candidate are over!

One more progressive douchebag, identified and neutralized!


Why pick on Progressives?

Progressives are neo-barbarian, luddite fools who want to replace all scientific progress with their failed, pseudo-scientific, utopian fairy tale and take us back to the paleolithic period. In other words they are douchebags.

Q: Do you have a problem with Progressive Insurance?

We don't have a problem with their insurance product. But the company is also a major giver of money to politically progressive causes, and because of that the owners and managers are total douchebags.

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