14 January 2010

Siraj Haqqani is a dead man walking

This is disgusting. From the Jawa Report.

Siraj Haqqani is the chief operating officer of the deadliest terror network in the Afhanistan/Pakistan (Af/Pak) theater, the Haqqani terror network. It was established by Siraj’s father, the senile Jed Clampett of jihad, Jalaluddin Haqqani. A heretofore remorseless criminal organization, the Haqqanis realized the real growth industry (i.e. money) for the group laid in embracing the jihad. In a stunning come to Jesus, (whoops) come to Allah moment, the Haqqanis magically embraced the war against the Infidel, as well as defenseless Muslims who didn’t toe their Sharia line. What many don’t know is how much dirty laundry hangs off that line.

When Siraj, who is said to rival Mullah Omar for Taliban leadership, isn’t sending his toughest soldiers to roam the bazaars in search of the little blue pills he uses to fuel a thirst for young boys that would have made Michael Jackson blush, he is busy making sure the closet door remains firmly shut on one of the Taliban’s most damning skeletons, the Haqqani pornography ring.

The ring features Siraj’s physician, Dr. Hassan Duraz as its Ron Jeremy, Siraj’s uncle, Ibrahim as the impresario producer/director and Siraj’s cousin, Ishak as the auteur cinematographer.

Read all of it and watch the video if you must. Tweet it on. This video needs to go viral in order for Haqqani to pay with his life.

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