13 January 2010

White House Cocaine Fiends?

The Save Jersey Blog was poking around on 4chan.org, where Anonymous hangs out, when it found something going on and took a screenshot. Three lines of cocaine lemon pixie sticks ready to be abused by an unhappy office worker with an iPhone.

Oops! Guess what? iPhones embed all sorts of metadata in their photos, like GPS coordinates and shit.

Need to see it better? Click here.

Guess where those GPS coordinates point? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... The White House. It may not be a crack house, but people have done coke there before.

So, is it a prank? Or is it real? I choose to believe it's real, like HOAX and CHAINS are real.

Hahahahaha! I guess I'm not blacker than Obama anymore! Hahahahahahaaaaa!

Who else is getting in on the fun?

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