17 December 2009

FIFY Contest: The Tiger and the Palamino

What in hell is FIFY?


When a picture just needs an extra touch of magic to be perfect, and you are the right person to put that extra touch of magic on it, that's when you say FIFY, "fixed it for you." The only rule for a FIFY is that you should make whatever changes you make and end up with an image file that can be uploaded to twitpic and viewed on this and other blogs.

I love that word: Palamino.

When you finish the FIFY, post it in a comment on this post. Anonymous comments are allowed and flames encouraged. I'm getting tired of shadowy strangers dropping off their FIFY drawings at my hobbit hole in the middle of the night; and no I don't mean it like that... I'm not the queerbait from Shytown after all. I shouldn't have to pick up after you. Geez! Can't a hobbit and accused felon catch a break? You do know how to post your FIFY in a comment!


If you don't... First, you login to your gmail account. Then you look up at the top of the home page for gmail and click on More, Photos. Now you're in Picasa. Create a photo album and upload your picture. Then put a link to the picture in a comment. Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I mean, geez! And is Aunt Flo ever OFF the rag?

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