11 September 2009

Abortionists add 1 more to 50 million victims since 1973

This one was 63 years old and a locally well known pro-life protester.

James Pouillon, 63, was shot multiple times at around 7:30 a.m. as he protested across from Owosso High School, according to witnesses, police said.

UPDATE—The face of leftwing hate: Harlan James Drake, the killer of Pouillon and another man, gave his reason for why he murdered Pouillon.
As to the reason for the killing of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon, Harlan Drake has told police that he was “offended” by Pouillon’s anti-abortion messages. Neighbors of Jim Pouillon say that he was a quiet man in recent years but his checkered past was a result of his boisterous protests. They have commented that some might not have agreed with his message or his graphic displays of aborted fetus’ on his protest signs but he was quiet man in his older age.
h/t: JammieWearingFool

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maryb1161 September 13, 2009 at 2:48:00 AM EDT  

I am a leftwing Socialist/Fascist/Communist/BabyHating/Hatemonger...did I forget any of the names you guys call me?...Ooops I did "Progressive Douchebag,right?

And you are right, I do hate! I hate men like Harlan Drake, who thinks he can take up a gun and end a life (or sadly two) because someone said something he did not agree with. Personally I would be horrified if an old man sat outside a High School my child went to with the anti-abortion pictures he had, but my last reaction would be to pick up a gun. I think this Drake guy should be locked up for the rest of his life! What he did was disgusting.

So if you think you are going to get the glee from the left that was shown by the 'Anti-Abortion Right' when Dr. Tiller was killed you are wrong!

Blago Bloggo September 13, 2009 at 7:24:00 PM EDT  

MaryB, glad you dropped by. What I expect is for the government media to continue to ignore this murder and the murderer's motivation, just as they always do. They always report the party of Republicans who get caught by the law. They never report the party of Democrats. They always side with Democrats. They always demonize Republicans. That is what I expect. That is what they continue to deliver. And that is why they will go out of business, because they have corrupted the meaning of "report the truth" utterly.

Blago Bloggo September 13, 2009 at 7:28:00 PM EDT  

The other thing I hope, Mary, is for you to realize that each abortion takes a human life. It is so obviously true it takes post-modern reasoning, a contradiction in terms, to believe otherwise. Someday you will realize that it's true and you will be horrified at what has been done in the name of *your* inhuman political ideology.

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