24 September 2009

The Story of Stuff is BS

I call Bullshit on this.

Terrorist hippies are burning down American houses every day to "protect nature." This video is propaganda for burning down the house of all the real progress that science has allowed us to achieve in the last 500 years. This is about them burning down your house, your car, your job, and everything that makes your life easier than life was 500 years ago. Societies don't give up and turn back the clock 500 years unless they are ready to die, because that's what happens. This is all about giving up and committing societal suicide.

Fuck off, hippies! I liked you better when you were stoned off your ass. Go back to Berserkely and ruin it some more. Leave the rest of us alone.

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Why pick on Progressives?

Progressives are neo-barbarian, luddite fools who want to replace all scientific progress with their failed, pseudo-scientific, utopian fairy tale and take us back to the paleolithic period. In other words they are douchebags.

Q: Do you have a problem with Progressive Insurance?

We don't have a problem with their insurance product. But the company is also a major giver of money to politically progressive causes, and because of that the owners and managers are total douchebags.

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