16 September 2009

Jimmy Carter is a senile coot who ought to stay on the porch in Plains boiling peanuts and selling them by the bag

I wonder what Jimmy Carter's advice would be for a young pimp and his ho wanting to get a Habitat for Humanity home with an ACORN loan.

So Jimmy Carter the Hamas-loving, Jew-hating martinet said that most of the Tea Party movement was based on racism. Geez, what a douchebag! What else do we expect other than a blanket accusation of racism from this senile rectal-cranial invert? He's got nothing but ad hominem. It isn't like he, or any of the Pravda Media that so idolizes America's two most incompetent and awful presidents, has a reason other than intrinsic bigotry to oppose the non-partisan Tea Party movement.

I hope you listened carefully as Jimmy called Obama "that black boy." That is racism. It is so obvious even a progressive douchebag might be able to get through the confusing fog of postmodernism and recognize it for the truth.

Special Update: On the other hand, Jimmy is a member of the I can say anything I want ex-Presidents club, and can say anything he wants since them's the rules.

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Aunt Flo September 17, 2009 at 10:57:00 PM EDT  

I heard a rumor that Jimma and Barry made a waitress sandwich after lunch.

I used to be a waitress once...remember Mel's diner?

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