16 September 2009

Wear that Badge of Honor with Pride, Joe!

Joe Wilson was the first Congressman in history to ever be formally rebuked for calling a lie a lie by the House of Representatives. Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi (Douchebag, Uranus) the Democrats all voted on a party line that Wilson was a douchenozzle for calling a lie, a lie.

These are the Douchebags who found what Wilson did so fricking deplorable.

Yeah, classy as we expect from the House of Reprehensibles, the universe's most feebleminded, morally retarded herd of intellectually dishonest liars, perverts, hypocrites, and treasonous cowards, who give aid and comfort to the enemy. I notice they didn't ban "douchebag" in their hypocritical, intellectually dishonest resolution. That's because the truth is an absolute defense.

Congressman Joe Wilson, your rebuke, from Nancy Pelosi and the most unpopular Congressional gang of cut-throats, brigands, and highwaymen since Congressional popularity began to be measured, is a badge of honor. With it, you will defeat all Democrats who challenge you. Because of it, your name shall eclipse the name of the douchebag who traveled to Sudan and lied about what he learned there in order to falsely smear a President and treasonously lend aid and comfort to an enemy during wartime. Because of it, you have become a standard-bearer not only in the House of Reprehensibles, not only in the battle against the healthcare highjack, but also in the war against Orwellian, politically correct bullshit.

Call em like you see em, Joe. And may you and your fellow truth-tellers in the House continue to amass badges of fricking honor from the battle to be able to call a lie, a lie.

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