29 September 2009

On Kevin Jennings: To a liberal, the highest ethic is Following the Agenda

You have to wonder what makes former teacher Kevin Jennings "Safe School Czar" material. Is it because of his groundbreaking work in violence prevention or school zone drug enforcement? Sure -- if you happened to be a gay highschool kid. If you were a straight kid getting hassled for your lunch money, or beaten up because your hair was red, in Jennings' Wild World of Education, you were shit outta luck. Kanye West, were he not himself a progressive douchebag, might say, "Kevin Jennings doesn't care about straight people." Then, of course, he'd drool on-stage ranting about how Beyonce is the best gay-kid protector ever. EVER!!

But still... Jennings worked pretty fucking hard making sure gay kids didn't get picked on, so that's gotta count for something... right? Well..... unless your problem happened to be less of the "Teacher, Gary won't stop calling me Cupcake" variety and more of the "Teacher, Stevie, the 60-yr-old janitor plunger-raped me" strain. In that case, you were pretty much handed a condom, congratulated for your Coming Out and told to enjoy it.


But, of course, the liberals don't care that Jennings failed to report a statutory rape while he was a teacher. They don't care that, in fact, he encouraged continued contact between the teenager-in-question and the 50-something child molester. They don't care because Jennings is gay and liberal. That not only means his judgement can't possibly be considered questionable -- it means that, in the eyes of Progressive douchebags everywhere, Kevin Jennings is a bona fide motherfucking hero. To wit:

...I'd encourage readers to do a little research on their own and gain a more robust understanding of who Kevin Jennings is and what he stands for. I think that many would be pleasantly surprised. I would absolutely want Kevin as a teacher at my child's school.
-commenter 'gghall'

Which of course, is why Kevin Jennings is perfect, in Obamaland, for this job. Just like, to a liberal, tax cheat Timmy Geithner was abso-fucking-lutely the right man to handle the reigns of finance.

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