24 September 2009

Hate Speech Accuser to be charged with Hate Speech, Neo-Naziism

Canada has an atrocious hate speech law that punishes people for saying politically unpopular things under the excuse that they are hate speech. Richard Warman is a one-man industrial source of accusations of hate speech in Canada. And now, as Ezra Levant (who has been accused of hate speech by Warman and is currently the subject of a suit by Warman) reports, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has formally opened an investigation of Warman for being a hate-speechifying, neo-Nazi, toque-sucking douchebag.

Richard Warman, the hate speech complainant who is personally responsible for all but two section 13 censorship prosecutions this decade, is now being investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for hate speech himself.

I know. It sounds crazy. Just like it sounded crazy when it was revealed that Warman and the CHRC were members of neo-Nazi organizations.

Warman is a former CHRC investigator himself; and even after he left the CHRC they continued to pay his expenses to file and prosecute complaint after complaint. All this, despite the fact he's been under investigation for hate speech for three years.

At the same time as Warman was a complainant, he was a defendant.

At the same time as the CHRC was cutting him cheques to cover his expenses, they were probing his conduct.

At the same time as he held himself out to be an anti-hate crimes activist, his own hateful speech was being probed.


The CHRC investigators have been playing the agitator role in numerous online neo-Nazi groups. Warman was one of them. This enthusiastic neo-Nazi propagandizing from CHRC troubled a Canadian parliamentarian, and an investigation was begun. Now even the CHRC is taking a look at its own star sock-puppet, troll, and moby.

Man I sure hope that this time around the Dreyfuss figure (Levant) gets off scott free and the Esterhazy figure (Warman) gets right royally reamed. Because that's the way I roll, bitches, and that's what ought to happen to Canadouchebags like Warman.

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