06 September 2009

Scum-sucking AP and HuffPo's Greg Mitchell finally get their way

In the great pond there is scum, it's an unavoidable part of swamp life. It adds to the overall circle of life concept, with the good there will be bad.
Sometimes the bad is envious of the good, and in these cases will try in various nasty ways to bring the good down to their level, the filthy putrid fetid level of the swamp.

This is where the majority of people who write for a particularly putrid piece of petrified prickiosity called The Huffington Post reside.
One of the nastiest of the vermin to float in that filth is Greg Mitchell.

Now, this Greg Mitchell is a beard-scratching, douchbag who writes mostly crap books with a leftist tilt that liberals read for free at various places who serve their brand of caffeine-enhanced socialist idiocy.
He also writes for The Huffington Post, whose namesake Arianna Huffington is said to be such a nasty piece of work she drove her ex-husband Michael toward other men to escape her bird-like clutches, but that's getting off on a tangent.

Recently a young United States Marine was killed in action in Afghanistan by an RPG which struck close enough by to sever both of his legs.

Another bit of flotsam in the pond was an inbred embedded AP photographer named Julie Jacobson, who as photographers are wont to do, snapped pictures of everything, including the wounded young Marine.
After careful consideration, the happy photog decided "Screw the rules, I'm sending the ghoul pictures in with the rest", and off they went to the great Associated Press castle to be debated, and eventually after more careful consideration, were issued to every news outlet on Earth for use in anti-US, anti-military posts by dickweeds such as, well, like our Greg Mitchell.
Might be noted here, that the family of young Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard specifically requested the photo of their dying son not be published.
Well it was, and we're back again to Greg Mitchell, who since 2002 has been crying to be allowed to use photos of the dead and dying in his rants against Bush, now he has to settle with smug self-satisfaction that only comes with leftists finally getting their way.
I'm at a loss as to who gets top honors here.
The AP attempts to absolve themselves here.
They get the Top Honors.

I give 'em 5 douchenozzles

Greg Mitchell, you get Four Douchnozzles I'm sure you'll try harder.

"What the hell're YOU lookin' at?"

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Blago Bloggo September 8, 2009 at 9:03:00 PM EDT  

And now we know that Van "commie crack" Jones led Arianna Huffington's doomed campaign for Governator of California. Why do you think that batty broad's rag has such a mandingo crush on Jones?

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