08 September 2009

Douchy Kostard calls Tea Partiers and Glenn Beck racists

The non-famous progressive douchebag and teabagging, salad-tossing retard Jed Lewison at DKOS repeats the Comintern party line and says that "socialist" and "communist" are code words for "black". I know that the teabagging retard is self-evidently retarded, and too distracted by all the teabagging and salad-tossing he engages in, obsessively, in what is clearly a pathological case of penis envy focused on Josef "the Georgian Knockwurst" Stalin. But it is pathetic, really, this sub-zero-IQ insistence that racists hide behind words like socialism. All the racists I've ever met, mostly from when I was a progressive douchebag like Lewison, have been blatant about it, tossing out the n-word and anti-white bullshit like "cracker" and "blue-eyed white devil" freely. But Jed lies like he has a Pinocchio nose and wants to have the longest, stinkiest brown-nose of all time planted deep up the tushy of the collective commie left.

See his incredibly weak photoshop illustration after the jump.

Nope, the fact is it's all about the communism, stupid! If Jed were not such a swollen, jit-licking douchebag commie himself, he would be able to admit it.

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