18 September 2009

Support the Gormogons GIVASHIT Act of 2009 to shine a light on QUANGOs

A QUANGO is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental-organization. It is a fascist combination of government and private non-profit that does the dirty work of government insiders without being exposed to public oversight. They are pretty awful, no matter what their supposed portfolio.

Ghettoputer has a really good idea for an amendment to get added onto a bill the next time some progressive douchebag QUANGO like ACORN or SEIU or or Fannie Mae or the new GM or the fricking FED gets exposed to sunlight and makes everyone throw up in their mouth a little. Sure, ACORN got a wedgie this week, but they had already changed their name to COI. Does the ban apply to the new name of the stinkpit? What about other QUANGOs?
insist Democrats support 'Puter's Government Investment Verification and Accountability, Sustainability, Healthcare, Information and Transparency Act of 2009 ("GIVASHIT").

GIVASHIT requires any entity (public, private or charitable) that receives more than a set percentage of its operating budget ('Puter would say 10%, but Republicans should settle for 50%) from any government entity (federal, state or local) (1) be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and (2) submit audited financial statements annually, available for public inspection. Affiliates of any covered entity would also be subject to GIVASHIT's provisions. The only exceptions to covered entities would be based upon national security considerations.

GIVASHIT will prevent waste, fraud and abuse of government funds by making each American a private attorney general, with authority to investigate publicly funded entities on his own through judicious use of FOIA. And if covered entities don't like the accoutnability, they can opt out from coverage by refusing to accept government funds. It's a win-win.
Do you GIVASHIT about shining a light on QUANGOs? I GIVASHIT abuot exposing QUANGOs. Everyone should all get together and GIVASHIT together!

Um... no takeashits though! That would be taking it too far.

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