21 September 2009

The Venezuelan Slicer's Cure

Venezuelan Routine to Cure a Slice
  • Tee the ball
  • Step behind the ball, imagining the line of flight of the tee shot
  • Mark a spot on the ground in front of the ball
  • Step to the side of the ball, standing parallel to the line of flight
  • Focus on Hugo Chavez's ugly face on the face of the ball
  • Swing and smack Hugo's Chavismo right into the ground
The ball will never go Right. It will fly high and hook like a fricking boomarang.

Of course the ball does what it wants in real life. Sometimes it goes left. Sometimes it goes right. Sometimes it squirts along the ground for a few yards, ending up in a ditch. Sometimes, miracle of miracles, it flys high and goes straight. But the key is that sometimes it goes right. And that must never happen in Hugo Chavez' Venezuela, where everything must always go left.

And that is why Hugo Chavez hates golf.

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Blago Bloggo September 22, 2009 at 1:11:00 AM EDT  

Q: What do Chavez and ACORN have in common?
A: They love South American hookers.


Aunt Flo September 22, 2009 at 1:22:00 AM EDT  

Sometimes I'll drive hookers down to the water..

usually I'll leave them there for someone else to find later...

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