14 September 2009

Sociology Professor believes that blacks automatically defer to whites

You know, sometimes progressives say the craziest things. Check out what Assistant Professor Laurie Essig of the Middlebury College sociology department writes.
Of course, it’s also every left wing fear and desire as well: two upper class white kids pretending to be a pimp and a prostitute in a way that can only be described as “are you fucking kidding me?” He is wearing white pants and a blue oxford (very preppy) and a fur cape! What white college kid “pimp and ho” party did that cape come from? Also, as you watch the video, it is clear that these women are trying to help, but also seriously disturbed by the behavior of these two white kids. On the other hand, the class hierarchy is beyond them, the power dynamics well known to all the participants, and the women continue to try to please the white kids.
What is Ms. Essig saying? Isn't she saying that the class difference between the privileged white kids in their Halloween costumes and the ACORN working black women somehow forces the ACORN employees to descend into the brew of insanity their privileged white visitors are cooking? She is saying that the racial power difference forces this to happen. In her world, ruled by race, there is no other reason why people who work for ACORN might want to help a prostitute and a pimp buy a house to turn into a bordello in a nice neighborhood, get taxpayer money to help them do this, and engage in tax fraud while concealing underage prostitution. It's not like ACORN thrives on creating chaos and knows that nothing destroys a neighborhood as quickly as a house of prostitution. And what do destroyed neighborhoods mean to ACORN? Destroyed neighborhoods mean customers.

In case Essig didn't notice, the ACORNers were in their place. They were in their own offices. The power dynamic was on their side. If they wanted the crazy white kids to get out, all they had to do was tell them to leave. In addition, the kids were admitting to criminal activity and asking for help. That's leverage right there. All the ACORNers had to do was tell them to get the hell out. And that is what they would have done if they didn't work at ACORN, if they worked for an organization that didn't have the destruction of the community as its goal. Essig thinks that race explains why these ACORNers are either too stupid, too immoral, or too weak willed to resist the racial power differential. This is an inherently racist argument that is based on the assumption that their race made these women stupid, immoral or weak-willed. No fucking way! I'll tell you what made these women immoral, their connection to ACORN did it. ACORN may disguise itself as a harmless organization but it is not even close to harmless. Its goal is nothing less than the destruction of communities, so their inhabitants can be recruited as warriors in a revolution that imposes an inhuman progressive utopia.

But to Essig, ACORN workers collaborating in the destruction of neighborhoods and assisting in criminal enterprises is the result of racial and class imperatives. In other words, it's RAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM! Can you say "projection"? I knew you could. I do see racism one place in this piece. Essig should look in the mirror to see the racist douchebag in the room.

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Fred September 14, 2009 at 12:27:00 AM EDT  

I understand there's more than one video. Are any of the videos of black/minority pimp & prostitute?

'Cause that would, y'know, blow this theory out of the water.

Even if not, I'm calling shenanigans on Essig. It doesn't matter what the "power dynamic" was. What they did was wrong, and abetting and suborning criminal action.

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