16 September 2009

yeah... sorry, Jimmah. Surrogates don't actually get a seat ON the bus, per se...

Being an Obama Surrogate has to be a lot like being in Her Majesty's Secret Service: Obey your marching orders, but if you're discovered, Her Highness will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

In the case of Jimmah Carter, the assignment appears to have been, "toss out the race bait, see who bites." It's not a bad strategy overall, and certainly one with which the Alinskyites in the Obambi Administration are comfortably familiar. Just throw a bunch of shit at the wall; see what sticks. The upside to this scenario is, when something sticks, the Administration can take full credit; it would be revealed that the shit-thrower in question did so with the blessing of the administration. The downside, of course, is that whichever monkey threw the shit that didn't stick will have to be blamed for tossing it in the first place.

And the Peanut Farmer had a particularly tough assignment. It's pretty hard to look at the millions of people who disagree with the President and denounce them all as racists. Only the hardest-core douchenozzles of the fringe left would dare believe it. And most of those little fuckers have been twittering the theory one-handed for months anyway. In short, it was a suicide mission -- which is probably why it was given to Jimmah. His political career is over. For a brief, shining moment, people forgot what an incompetent shitbag he really is, but Carter was forced to fall back onto that sword during the Obama campaign. His legacy is one of bumbling around with his head up his ass on his best days. All-in-all, the perfect surrogate to float the racism card. If anyone had little enough left to lose that putting the political gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger was actually a step up, Carter was that man.

Not surprisingly, the racism shit didn't stick. Less surprisingly, Obama gently invited Carter to his space under the bus.

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