19 October 2009

CO2/Artificial-Volcano Religious War among the AGW Cultists: Break out the Popcorn!

The Freakonomics "artificial volcanic eruption" anthropogenic global warmeningists started a religious battle with the "zero CO2 emissions" anthropogenic global warmeningists. This is the time to break out the popcorn and Twizzlers! So far the "artificial volcanic eruption" gang have siezed the high ground on the not-yet-discredited-among-anthropogenic-global-warmeningists New York Times website. The "zero CO2 emissions" cult having not quite realized the implications of their position, they did not promptly go and stop their own breathing forever, but instead started raising a heavy-breathing army of their screaming partisans. Now they will make religious war upon the "artificial volcanic eruption" believers and purify their anthropogenic global warmeningist cult in a 21st century inquisition, or witch hunt, or counter-reformation, or what-have-you. Or maybe they are more like the "zero CO2 emissions" Sunni against the "artificial volcanic eruption" Shia.

In either case, a pox on both their houses. May we permitted to hope they both lose after mortally wounding each other and discrediting the New York Times, the whole climate change hoax cult, and the so-called progressive, regressive idiotic luddite totalitarian dictatorship belief system? Well, maybe we won't expect all that out of this. But it sure is going to be fun to watch the assholier-than-thou douchebags bite each other's noses off!

<pop/> <pop/> <pop/> <pop/> <pop/>

Can you hear what the Pops are cooking? Popcorn, baby. Popcorn for all!

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Beavis,  October 21, 2009 at 1:32:00 AM EDT  

Dude, I would so rather see them just stop breathing. What a bunch of tools!

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