24 October 2009

Douchebag wants to expose Zombietime blogger for the high crime of exposing lib douchebaggery

This douche has decided that, since he dislikes Zombie (at Zombietime) and his penchant for exposing liberal bullshit and antics, he would do his best to "out" the anonymous blogger.

All by lonesome, studying the video and photographic evidence, he's managed to piece together just an absolutely compelling image of some dude taking a picture. With arrows and titles, in case his readers are too stupid (and I'm sure many are) to figure out "Woman with Red Shirt" all by themselves.

I did notice, btw, that while he's so very upset with Zombie for staying anonymous, nobody knows who this fat little fuckweasle is, either. Not that a picture would help. Or even a name. The PDB showcase here will probably drive more traffic to his site than he's ever seen. He's probably already spanking in anticipation.

Well done, man. Why wait for the gubmint to fuck with peoples' lives, when YOU can do it for them. When do you get your black shirt and armband? I'm sure it'll be a step up from the shit your mom makes you wear.

By the way, dude... you're wrong. Heh.

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