22 October 2009

Does 'Let me make this perfectly clear' remind anyone else of Nixon?

It sure reminds me of Nixon. Anderson Cooper thinks so too. The White House enemies list featuring Rush Limbaugh and Fox News reinforces this feeling. Next I expect some muttering about nattering nabobs of negativism.

Someone should remind Barack Milhous Obama this road ends up in a dark, dark, place with screaming, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth.

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Progressives are neo-barbarian, luddite fools who want to replace all scientific progress with their failed, pseudo-scientific, utopian fairy tale and take us back to the paleolithic period. In other words they are douchebags.

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We don't have a problem with their insurance product. But the company is also a major giver of money to politically progressive causes, and because of that the owners and managers are total douchebags.

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