13 October 2009

Pour Salt on Old Wounds

Well, Olympia Snowe did it. She was the sole Republican vote in favor of the Senate Finance Committee's version of the Health Care Reform Bill.

Will the real RINO bitch please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

Clearly, somebody has photos of this Grecian bitch with the goats her grandfather used to shepherd. How else can we explain this woman voting against her constituents, her party and her own beliefs? Remember, she won her Senate seat in 1994 as part of the Conservative Revolution, after serving a few terms in the House. She voted against the "Bush Tax Cuts" despite touting tax relief as positive economic stimulus. Now she has voted in favor of socialism.

In other words, she's a two-faced lying whore.

I saw where another blogger is going to send Ms. Snowe a bag of rock salt. After all, salt melts Snowe--er, snow. I think this is a brilliant idea. You should join him.

Here's the mailing address:

3 Canal Plaza
Suite 601
Portland, ME 04101
Main: (207) 874-0883

Balloon Juice is laughing in full retard mode, memeorandum is counting

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Blago Bloggo October 14, 2009 at 1:00:00 AM EDT  

Niiiiice! Updated with backlinks.

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