21 October 2009

FIFY Contest: Mile High Club Winner!

What in hell is FIFY?


When a picture just needs an extra touch of magic to be perfect, and you are the right person to put that extra touch of magic on it, that's when you say FIFY, "fixed it for you."

Following up on the Oct 13 FIFY contest, the votes are in. The top vote getters were:

Both by Blago Bloggo (moi). And these two:

Both by Aunt Flo (not moi).

Artie the accountant stole all the meat in my freezer. But while he was here he counted up the votes with the fingers on both his hands, and gave me an envelope which I now open, my breath abated, my senses in an uproar.

Without any further ado, the winner is (cowbell please)

Aunt Flo wins with "Pity" for the beauty of the image.


Second place goes to me for "More Cowbell?"


Third place is a tie between the ACORN hatted "I won" and the "Goose" joke.


and the world's greatest community organizer hat ever!


Hope you all enjoyed this. Aunt Flo is enjoying her date with Fabio. I'm still making up my mind on the next FIFY Contest. Until the next one, Fixed it For You!

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Borat,  October 21, 2009 at 1:16:00 AM EDT  

Niiiiiiiice! I will goings to be usings these photo jokings over my own world's best blog in the worlds.

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