22 October 2009

Ken Feinberg is a freakin' idiot

In a game of inches, Ken Feinberg is kilometers from the stadium. It's Fourth and One, on a Power Play and he's got a no-hitter going! Someone tell the bowler not to get tangled up in the scrum!

Not only is the Pay Douche in the wrong place, he's playing the wrong damn game! Today he announced that he was going to "claw back" (find those words in the Constitution) millions of dollars in executive salaries and bonuses.

Oh, but he let a couple of guys keep theirs, so it's all okay, right?

Now, no doubt that with some of these companies, the zitiots in charge shouldn't be earning minimum wage, let alone millions of dollars, but that's a decision for the companies' owners, not some over-priced government bureaucrat with delusions of intelligence. What makes him think that taking back 90% of people's salaries is going to solve anything? What does it prove to anyone, except that if you're top talent, you don't go work for a company that the government says is "too big to fail?"

If this sand-flea-brained minor bureaucrat can find put together the idea that he can steal the earnings of a few hundred wall street bankers just because it's the politically correct thing to do, what's to stop the few remaining people in D.C. with half a brain-wave still active from figuring they can do it to the rest of us?

With the Democrats in Congress and The Anointed One in the White House, I'd venture to say "very little."

Somebody please tell me this asshole doesn't really think he can do this.


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Blago Bloggo,  October 22, 2009 at 11:03:00 PM EDT  

Somebody remind me why the US gummint decided to bail out these banks in the first place. Was it to protect the jobs of these guys? Was it to protect the jobs and reputations of the legislative pinheads who wrote the regulations that drove these banks into bankruptcy? Was it to keep the money flowing to the fraud merchants like ACORN? What was it again? I know it wasn't to keep credit flowing in the economy, because that sure hasn't happened.

Maybe these banks should just file for bankruptcy. Let's see what happens in the game of chicken if they admit to the truth, which I suspect is that they are still as insolvent as they were. Someone will buy up their good assets. Maybe the Chinese banks will be the ones.

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