21 October 2009

Eamon Javers needs to get hit with a cluebat

I have just the cluebat here to pummel him with.

Javers writes at Politico. Today he writes a long, tendentious, boring column that makes the claim that because Matt Drudge has posted lots of stories about the weak dollar therefore Drudge is causing the dollar to weaken. Hey douchEamon, did you ever think that maybe the dollar is really falling and that it's a FREAKING IMPORTANT STORY?! Just because the Pravda Media doesn't write about it and the Pravda TV Stations Anita "Mao Tse" Dunn likes don't talk about it, doesn't mean that it's unimportant. It just means that the story is on double-secret unofficial probation in order to protect The Messiah, the Lord Barack Milhous Obama the Most Merciful from anyone noticing that the Kenyan emperor has no Burberry suits, or indeed any clothes at all.

Yes, Virginia, the dollar really is weakening. You don't think that more than doubling the amount of dollars in circulation over the last year might have reduced the worth of each one by a little more than half, now do you? You don't think that the mad rush to buy paper and print money with it has reminded people that money is indeed nothing more than paper with a government promise on it? You don't think that Obama's inability to keep a single one of his own promises longer than five minutes has hurt his government's credibility on the matter of keeping promises?

No, a guy who aggregates news stories is causing the collapse of the dollar!

Right, and a guy who writes for Politico is the reason why the infinite universe will someday die, or maybe not die but just cool down to ice and black holes, or be embraced back into the arms of an infinitely loving God.

Blame it all on Eamon Javers, that's the ticket!

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