07 October 2009

Some Douchebags might blame their own failures on Apaches, but not Stu Bykofsky

Douchebags (by which I mean Democrats) should be running not walking to clamp eyes on Stu Bykofsky's road to Damascus moment about dysfunctional Philadelphia politics.
Next month, will Philadelphians hoping for an improved city again elect nothing but Democrats and expect a different result?

Under Democratic monopoly, Philly residents have: the highest city tax rate in the nation, craven Council members cashing in on DROP, an incompetent Board of Revision of Taxes, a 25 percent city poverty rate, a pinball pay-to-play system, a Department of Human Services that kills kids, a school district with a near-50-percent dropout rate and city workers who don't pay their taxes.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the over-promising and underperforming Democratic Party, Philadelphia is failing.

Democratic politicians and policies are not solely responsible for our decline, but they've been in the driver's seat for a tortoise's lifetime and have driven the car into a ditch. If Democrats aren't responsible, who is - Apaches?

Will you ever hold them accountable?

Hold them accountable?!?! This is the Democrat party, you know. Being a Democrat means never having to say you're sorry, because you get a pass for any fucking thing you do because after all you're just a nice and kind progressive who wants to take all this extra money that was just sitting in the pockets of other people and spend it on bullshit for no sensible reason that could be detected by anyone other than a obsessive, manic, paranoid-schizophrenic blasted out of his brain on fifty-eight doses of windowpane acid. Wiggly!

Imagine measuring Democratic policies by their outcomes! Fucking A! That would be amazing! Did crime rates go up or down when they started freeing criminals from prison for passing one drug test in a row? How about stopping spankings? Did that increase or decrease graduation rates? Literacy rates? Rates of shootings in schools? How about the Great Society, did that improve rates of illegitimacy or poverty? How about the fucking WAR ON FUCKING POVERTY? Did that reduce any poverty?


Hello? Knock knock, anybody home in the progressive brain trust?

Philadelphia is doomed...

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