23 October 2009

It's people like David Cowan who make me wish vampires were real and would suck out all his blood

Cowan, who lives in West Virginia, got a judge in Maryland to shut down a new windfarm in Indiana that was going to provide energy to Chicago. Cowan is batty about bats. He loves the little guano-nistas and thinks the death of a single bat is a tragedy of a magnitude which the world cannot bear. Pathos, thy name is Myotis Sodalis, the Indiana Bat.

David Cowan is a perfect example of a common species of vermin in America: The Batshit Insane Progressive Douchebag. We could use a few less of them.

Go get him, Drac!

And WTF is it with a guy in one state getting a judge in another state to shut down a business in a third state a thousand miles away? If this is typical of environmental lawsuits, which I think it is, then they are totally out of frikking control!

h/t: Ralph Alter at American Thinker

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Brother Sarkazo October 24, 2009 at 1:03:00 PM EDT  

Aren't there laws and such set up to keep that shit from happening. Like, "Dear Random Judge in another state, kindly fuck yourself. With love, regards, etc..."

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