11 October 2009

Ike Skelton (D) cusses out fellow Missourian (R) on a hot mike

It was no "you lie" moment. It was more of a "so stick it up your asshole" moment. I'll leave it to anyone with a frakking brain to decide whether it's more offensive to say that someone lies when it's easily proven or that they should stick something up their asshole. Hmm, lie, asshole, lie, asshole, lie, asshole. And that brings me to Ike Skelton, douchebag and lying asshole. Did I mention he's an asshole?
Reached Friday afternoon, Skelton said that he'd just gotten frustrated. "In the heat of the moment, unfortunate things are said," he explained
Unfortunate things were said, and according to Skelton (D) he was not responsible for saying them even if they slipped out of his rectum-like mouth, turdlike. Stay classy, Skelton (D) and all you other Democrat Douchebags. Keep up the good work, by which I mean the bad work.

In related news, though Democrat Douchebags cannot figure out why it might be happening, Republicans are challenging Skelton's seat in 2010.

It couldn't have anything to do with Skelton (Douchebag). Or could it?

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