05 October 2009

The Price Is Wrong, Bob

Junkyard find linked from jalopnik.comWhether you bought one or not, you're $4.59 poorer after Cash for Clunkers.

No, seriously. That's your share as a citizen of the net economic loss from the program. Heck if you do it just by taxpayers, it's about double that.

The program only cost $3 billion (only!) and yet economists have determined it actually resulted in a loss of wealth of $1.4 billion.

Way to go, Congressional Douchebags! Great job, President Panderer!

Now, consider "Health Care Reform:"

The "Smartest President in History" is trying to sell the Democrap's "reform" plan as a way to boost our economy. Based on the trial-run with Clunkers, let's just say I'm less than optimistic.

What if the Beltway Bandits' plan ends up looking like Cash for Clunkers. Projected to cost $1 trillion over the next ten years, at the same rate of loss, creeping socialism will cost us all almost $500 billion.

I know I've got that much stuff in my sock drawer. It's right next to my collection of decade-old Playboy and last year's Hustler, how 'bout you?

Let's be nice to the brain-dead in Washington. Say it's only a loss of $300 billion. At that rate, every American is slated to lose $1,000. Again, make it just taxpayers, and it's much closer to $2,000 per person lost over the next ten years.

Cemeteries will get fuller when Obamacare comes along!Let's see... I have health insurance. I pay my taxes and my bills, and at the end of the day I have enough money to buy gas to get to and from work and eat the Bachelor Chow from the frozen foods section of the discount grocery store. Over the next ten years, the President wants me to essentially go hungry for one month each year so I can pay into his welfare socialism scheme.

Yeah, I'll give a big "fuck-off" to that.

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Blago Bloggo October 5, 2009 at 8:11:00 PM EDT  

I couldn't resist adding the Price is Right loser horn to your post, Sporkie. It is way too awesome and needs to be used many more times than it is.

Great post too. It pissed me off and made me laugh. Who is the main douchebag who thought up the Clunkers for Cash program?

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