11 October 2009

Fidel Castro agrees with me: Obama's Nobel was a Consolation Prize

It was a consolation prize for losing the Olympics. Check the douchebag ex-dictator out:
The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama was 'a positive measure and compensates his defeat in Copenhagen when Rio de Janeiro was picked as a site for 2016 Olympic Games', Cuban leader Fidel Castro has said.

He added that Obama's Nobel win could be considered a condemnation of the 'genocidal policies' of some of the former US presidents.
I don't agree with his other verbal diarrhea. Genocidal policies, you mean like Obama telling the Jews they aren't allowed to reproduce in Judea and Samaria? That sounds pretty damn genocidal to me. Or do you mean Bush protecting the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites from Saddam Hussein, who really was conducting genocide? Or the successes against HIV and AIDS in Africa thanks to Bush's AIDS fighting policies?

Face it Fidel: The only genocide committed by the last president was the senseless murder of his speeches. He just was not up to your or Obama's weight class as a demagogue.

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Fidel, just Fidel,  October 11, 2009 at 1:21:00 PM EDT  

I don't think I agree with you. But you are a douchebag.

Spork Hugh October 11, 2009 at 3:20:00 PM EDT  

So nice to know that Fidel is reading PDB Watch!

From his hospital bed as he shits into a colostomy bag. How's the urethral catheter working for you?

Fidel, just Fidel,  October 11, 2009 at 4:00:00 PM EDT  

I don't know colostomy bag. But I do know douchebag and you are one as well. You might be a teabag too. I don't know. I have virgins from the countryside tobacco plantations for that.

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