21 October 2009

CT Repubs get sense of humor, Douchebag Dems cry like little babies

It's hard to see what they're talking about when they include no pics, but that's about what I'd expect from an "Advocate." CT Repubs have been tweeting away in satirical abandon until their satirical accounts tempted Democrat crybabies to complain to Twitter that people thought the satire was real.

In other words, the satire was hitting too close to home.
"It's hard enough to explain what we're doing here in Hartford," said Lesser. "It's even more difficult when you've got political hacks going out of their way to confuse people."

Democrats hold a veto-proof majority in the state House, outnumbering Republicans 114-37. The Democrats also have a 24-12 margin in the state Senate. Those numbers have been frustrating the hell out of GOP leaders, who have seen their share of General Assembly seats shrivel in successive legislative elections.

Waaaaaaah! Pussies can't handle it when they have completely dominant positions in the legislature and get to pass any idiotic bill they want. Now they need to legislate dominance on Twitter too! Pussies!

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