22 October 2009

How do I love working for the gummint, let me count the ways...

If I am Gary Pivoda or Louis Marciano, respectively of Latham and Rennselaer New York, then my favorite things about working for the state of New York are:
  • Not doing my job
  • Turning in fraudulent time sheets
  • Having a secret hideout in a parking garage
  • Where I can take naps all day
  • And smoke pot
  • And use cocaine
  • And weigh and package pot
  • And weigh and package cocaine
  • And sell pot
  • And sell cocaine
  • And throw all night drinking, pot, and cocaine parties for other state workers.
  • Did I mention not doing my job?
  • And doing lots of drugs, then taking naps, while on the clock?
All in all, they are facing 22 criminal counts. Pivoda's and Marciano's party affiliation and union membership could not be determined by hapless reporters. They claim to be surprised at being busted for such petty activities, when there are other state workers doing much worse stuff.

Oops! Let that cat out of the bag!

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