24 August 2009

Anti-Bush douchebags get caught making bombs to kill Republicans, threaten to kill FBI informant, get informed on, more caught

We believe in the rule of law and all that shit, right? So what are we supposed to do when we are around people who are plotting to throw bombs at delegates to a political party's national convention? Are we supposed to stay quiet and let the bombs blow up, killing who they kill, or should we let the law know first so the mass murder plot can be stopped?

Next question. If your friends got caught with bombs they were planning to use to murder people of that political party, what would you do? Would you wonder what the fuck was wrong with them for planning to murder people? Or would you be mad at the guy who told the FBI about it?

What would you do? If you are Katyanne Marie Kibby of Austin, you threaten to kill the FBI informer, who promptly tells the FBI, leading to your arrest and prosecution for crimes that could put you in prison for 20 years and fine you $250 thousand.

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