28 August 2009

Rest in peace, you drunken bastard

Plenty of people have said things about Teddy Kennedy, both good and bad. I would like to address the following message to those crying tears of psuedo-sorrow to the fat, pompous fuck:

He was not a leader; his position came entirely from the fact that he was a Kennedy. Incidentally, it was this same fact that kept his drunken ass out of jail in a situation that would have sent any one of you sycophantic losers straight past 'Go' without collecting your $200. A situation, just so's we don't forget, in which he was solely responsible for the death of a young woman, and for which he has never shown an iota of remorse.

It was also this fact that allowed him to get away with drunkenly harrassing waitresses.

He was not a uniter. He was not a "Great Man" in any way at all other than girth, and perhaps his ability to chug like a fratboy linebacker.

Cancer is a horrible way to go, and I don't envy him. I feel sorry for him. I always have; even before I knew he had cancer. I'm just not going to pretend the motherfucker was a saint.

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Jaded August 28, 2009 at 11:27:00 PM EDT  

karma is a bitch ain't it Teddy!

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