04 August 2009

Yikes! Democrat douchebags scared stupid of regular American citizens

What are progressive douchebags like Dick Turban (Douchebag, IL) most scared of?

They are scared that regular, ordinary American citizens will wake up from the shiny surface of the Matrix and realize the world is rotten underneath the glossy faux surface presented by the Pravda media. Americans can easily see that their country is being destroyed behind the cameras, then take the red pill and give the Democrat socialists the bum's rush right into the dumpster of history.

With the self-organizing grassroots Tea Party movement, this has started to happen already, and salad tossers like John "Douchebag" Podesta's Think Progress are making laughable claims that the angry local voters who drive their own cars and show up early to get good seats at congressional Townhall Meetings during the August break are not local, not angry, not voters, but are union members bused in from elsewhere for insta-protests. Just like perma-Candidate Obama and his union thugs from SEIU and ACORN do it.

Unfortunately for their credibility (such as it isn't), the lying liars from Think Progress are lying their asses off. This is typical for socialists and progressives, who lie all the time because they know no American would trust them after they speak the truth. This lie is going to bite them this time, when the so-called "blue dogs" and other progressive douchebags and brown-nosers (RINOs too) realize they have gone a step too far and there is no escaping the destruction of their political world when Americans wake up and take up their God given rights against the trespasses and usurpations of an unaccountable government that has taken its awesome power for granted far too long.

It is time for the douchebags of the government to be scared of the people.

It is well past time for Think Progress and other douchebag front organizations to be exposed for what they are, propaganda operations meant to destroy America and replace it with just another socialist totalitarian Euroweenie state, like France only with all the good food made illegal, like Cuba only with cigars banned, or China but with the economy choked to death in its cradle.

Every nook and cranny of the Federal government needs to be frightened of the American people. The President needs to be frightened, Congress needs to be frightened, the Federal Judiciary needs to be frightened, and the permanent progressive douchebag bureaucracy really needs to be frightened. They need to run before it's too late. Their jobs are not, will not be guaranteed. Their sinecures will be terminated, with no gold-plated Cadillac health-care or retirement packages. We're going to have to junk Social Security and Medicare anyway, since we can't pay for them. Why would real Americans, engaged in the productive part of society, pay a bunch of over-priced non-producing red-tape-wielding bureaucrats to retire to the Villages, when after the Obama Depression of the late 00's most Americans will spend their retirement years hoping to land a greeter job at Wal-Mart? I think we should really bring back tar and feathering just for flaming hemorrhoids like Think Progress and Dick Turban and the rest of the Lying Left.

If you agree with me that progressive douchebags suck, join me in flipping the bird to them and to Think Progress, the mendacious and vile source of their talking points.

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