26 August 2009

Clueless dingbats at dKos still lost, seeking more clues

Some gormless dingbat mouthbreather named mcjoan at dKos accuses Republicans of having a centrally planned strategy to slow down the healthcare highjack bill by invoking the ghost of Teddy "Namor the Submariner" Kennedy and gutting the bill of all its delicious commie bits. They don't. Republicans do not have any kind of message or strategy enforcement that can do that, not when they have semi-Democrats like McPain and Graham in leadership positions.

I'm talking to mcjoan now.

Know what, you fool? Your progressive douchebag team has what it takes to pass the medical care highjack without a single microgram of... guess. I'm not even going to tell you any more about what you don't need, except that you don't even remotely need it, you clueless, mouthbreathing, drug-addled dingbats.

And I'm not talking about LSD, even though I know what "microgram" makes you think of. Damn hippies!

On a tangent, try reading Atlas Shrugged for a clue, for the ideas, for the sex, for anything but the characterization. You might understand what's going on with the economy and the frustrated and denigrated Townhall crowds a little better than you did. Then you can go back to your tea-bagging and salad-tossing, and I don't really want to hear another clueless blooch out of ya.

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