28 August 2009

Why would we want doctors who are just like teachers?

Samuel M. Pittman, an alumnus of the College of Eastern Utah, sure can set up a strawman.

In a socialist government, health care providers and administrators would live in housing provided by the government; receive vouchers for food, clothing, fuel and perhaps a small cash stipend.

The health care planned is more like the American education system. Our teachers and administrators are paid a salary that is drawn from taxpayers, but they are responsible to buy or rent their own homes and pay for food, clothing and fuel from their own pockets. These individuals are purchasing produced goods, contributing to the gross national product and thus are participants in the capitalist system.

Furthermore America has public and private education systems that co-exist and function quite well independent of one another. Consumers are free to choose where they send their children.
You know what we will get if we make doctors just like teachers? We will get DOCTORS WHO ARE JUST LIKE TEACHERS! We will have to pay for their lazy, uneducated, bureaucratic, petty, bossy, vindictive selves even if we also pay for good doctors somewhere else who know what they are doing. Hmmm, let's pretend we are like Mr. Pittman and want it, just for fun.

I am a rectal-cranial-invert like Mr. Pittman. Here is what I want:
  • A doctor who goes on vacation for 3 months every single year, plus a week in the spring, the fall, and two at Christmas.
  • A doctor whose office hours are 7AM to 1:30PM.
  • A doctor who gives me homework.
  • A doctor who makes me get a hall pass to use the toilet.
  • A doctor who will not let me leave the the office until the end of the day.
  • A doctor who denies me treatment if I talk out of turn.
  • A doctor who doesn't know the experimental method.
  • A doctor who makes me "press 1 for English" before I can talk to someone.
  • A doctor who expects me to sit all day and wait for ten minutes of treatment.
  • A doctor who makes me sit next to disruptive, violent or virulently sick patients in the examination room.
  • A doctor who sends me home if I'm too sick.
  • A doctor who wants to be my friend instead of my doctor.
  • A doctor who dots his or her i's with a happy face.
  • A doctor who gives me stickers when I do the "right" thing.
  • A doctor who rants about Marxist crap before treatment.
  • A doctor who won't give my kid an aspirin or allow her to take one herself, but will give her an abortion without letting me know.
  • A doctor who has sex with school kids with the frequency of teachers.
Yeah, you know, I changed my mind. I don't want that.

Parents can choose what school to send their kids to if they have enough money to send them to a private school. But they don't have a choice on which form of education to pay for. No matter whether they want to or not, they have to pay for the lousy union-run public schools. Unionized, government indoctrinated teachers may have good intentions, but they are not well trained. Their training is not anything like a doctor's training. Teacher colleges turn out functionally-retarded graduates who are thoroughly indoctrinated with all sorts of anti-family propaganda on how the goal of schools is to erase everything of their parents from the students under their care. Teachers are terrible at writing, math, and history, with a simple-minded faith in faddish beliefs about science but absolutely no understanding of the empirical method. These are the best and brightest that the teacher schools turn out.

I do not want them taking out my appendix, giving me a prescription for a painkiller, or giving me a prostate exam. Do you want your kid's kindergarten teacher to perform brain surgery on you? How about to give you a vasectomy or tubal ligation? Set your bone? Figure out that nagging pain that keeps getting worse and that doctor after doctor can't find? Deliver your baby?

Yeah?... No.... I didn't think so.

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