19 August 2009

Axelrod being paid million$ from Big Pharma lobbyists through AKPD

If this is true... David Axelrod, who is one of the douche-masters behind Obama's masterful teleprompter reading, and who managed Obama's successful Presidential campaign, was the founder, president, and sole-shareholder of AKPD until he sold out after November 4. The firm owes Axelrod $2 million. I know that isn't big money in the circles the Obama$ roll in, what with Soros and Auchi and all the rest of the fatcat$ and $windler$ who bought all those copies of his books for access (you don't think ordinary people put his book on the bestseller list before 2006 do you?). But $2 million is pretty decent pocket money for Axelrod, and little company AKPD didn't have that much cash sitting around. Single owner companies usually don't, since they get stripped of all cash by their short-sighted owners. But the point is that AKPD is going to make that $2 million from big pharma companies who are spending big on astroturf and commercials to push the healthcare highjack bill down the throats of Americans who are opening their mouths not to swallow it, but to protest it. Axelrod is making money because companies want to influence the debate over a bill that Axelrod is pushing that could put them out of business. This is not only a conflict of interest; I think it's fricking extortion and bribery!

Corruption, villainy, and payola, that's what it's all about in Chicago. After all, that's the Chicago Way!

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