05 August 2009

The Douchebaggery continues for Jesse "Gryphen" Griffin

Check the Riehl World and The Other McCain for the details.

A quick recap...

Someone starts a rumor that Palin is seeking divorce.

Dan Riehl and R.S. McCain expose the douchebag who started the rumor*.

Of course this little amount of fame is not enough to quench the vast chasm of douchebaggery in which Jesse "Gryphen" Griffin lives.

Not understanding, apparently because of his lower than room temperature I.Q., the type of people he was up against...he cried foul.

In doing so, he questioned the journalistic integrity of both Riehl and McCain....Dumb Move!!

So there is where things seem to stand today....Gryphen is still a lying douchebag, who loves to watch porn [preferably amateur] and teach Kindergarten while bashing on scary powerful conservative women who frighten him.

One piece of advice for Dan and Stacy....always wear gloves when squeezing a douchebag.

Go read Dan and Stacy's blogs...now!!

Douche Baggins McGee

* Seriously...how lonely and insignificant must a man feel to attempt to destroy a marriage just because the woman scares him? And somehow this douchebag is trusted with the education of Kindergartners.

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