29 August 2009

Why don't Michigan Unions want to be put on the state run health insurance program?

Isn't this what their political party wants to do to the rest of the country? Everyone except for union workers and some federal government workers are going to get forced into the public option. If anyone is going to get forced into public insurance plans, it should be the goddamn unions who put these douchebags in office.
Fri, 08/28/2009 - 21:12 — NoGWBpolicyleft...
Here's one from our friendly neighborhood democrats in Michigan.

The Speaker of the House in Michigan (a Democrat) introduced a plan to require all public employees be put under one state run health insurance program.

Basically, another "screw the working class" proposal.

Needless to say, all of us employees who have had our wages slashed due to lack of raises over the last fifteen years are not too happy.

In that time we have had 12 raises that amounted to less than 1.2%! That means, we have really taken a pay cut. Six of those year we got zero% raise in order to keep our health insurance. Despite that, we have also taken concessions on health insurance two of the last four years to help keep our districts afloat! We opened our contracts to do that - the ultimate in good faith.

Now, this bluedog introduces this rightwing fantasy legislation that would destroy a major portion of what is left of Michigan's middle class. They have already crushed the U.A.W., and now, a DEMOCRAT introduces legislation that would basically destroy collective bargaining rights for workers, and crush the last vestige of worker opposition to the corporate fascists!

I called this little bastards office a few weeks ago, and got a very young kid who laughed at me when I asked if the Speaker really was from the party of FDR? He said laughing, "that was 50 years ago." He was totally ignorant, and the biggest dipshit I have talked to since I called Max Baucus' office a couple of years ago. Maybe it was the same guy?

So I moved on to the Speaker Pro Tem and talked to a very intelligent guy who completely understood everything at stake. His mother was a teacher, and he felt that the Speakers legislation would have to be supportive of workers and unions rights. He also was apalled when I told him of the bluedog jackass I talked to in the Speakers office and wanted his name.

In 2006, the repukes controlled our State House of representatives 58 - 52. After last year, the democrats hold a 67 - 43 majority thanks to the hundreds of thousands of public employees who campaigned and supported them.

And this is what we got in return; a big fat knife in the back!

Well, this blogger has finally had enough! I am going to start a petition demanding his resignation as Speaker, or that the House democrats strip him of his Speakership role. If they don't, they can try to win re-election next year without the 500,000 public employees, their spouses and family members support!

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