09 August 2009

Iraq War Veterans Against the War running for Congress

The face of the IVAW is one of veterans who have turned against their country. I don't take lightly that the members of this group fought for the United States of America however I do take umbrage with their means for ending the war. They, like John Francois Kerry, joined groups who forced the war to go on longer than was necessary.

This group of veterans (and the truth is there are REAL veterans amongst them <http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2009/05/01/new-ivaw-leadership/> though you would never know it based on some of their larger named veterans turning out to be phonies <http://www.mudvillegazette.com/archives/009433.html>), worked with Code Pink and the Communist Party in protests that turned Americans against the War: which in turn made it harder to win the war. They marched in their uniforms and mocked the President of the United States George Bush and all because they are liberals—the uniform being illegal in the protests (http://revver.com/video/1138564/dnc-ivaw-march/). There was nothing more to it than an ideological difference and they could not put it aside to do the job of ending the war with a Victory. This group engaged in acts of sedition which was obvious to anyone who attended a anti-war rally. The oldstream media never reported on their most egregious acts down on the Mall in DC which if you think of a gay parade in San Francisco but with soldiers in uniforms and their message of defiance of their Commander in Chief you can get a fair idea. I note that there are some from this group that are now running for Congress. One that caught my attention is Kokesh NM-03 and I would encourage all to check out online the name of those candidates and see what pictures and youtube video's you can locate.

This is one ripping McCain at the RNC Convention (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGscsnUSBYQ). They are leftists pure and simple and they are no friend to Conservatism and no friend to the Constitution so do not be swept up in their promises of hope and change.

They will lie to get support but make no mistake about who they are and what their purpose is. They are as much in line with Code Pink as Barack Obama is. These leftist caused great harm to our beloved troops. It was with all the aforementioned groups that they worked to get our Marines out of Fallujah just as we were winning (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallujah_during_the_Iraq_War). I used Wikipedia strictly to getthe number lost of 71 of our troops. Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan collected 600K dollars for our enemies in Fallujah after working so hard to stop the offensive (http://sweetness-light.com/archive/cindy-600k-for-fallujah-nothing-for-katrina). The sickness that is infected in the left had America ending up back in Fallujah to clean it up again with additional losses in life and we tracked these animals from there to Ramadi, to Al Anbar and the reality is that had we just finished the job the first time without any political interference I believe by 2006 we could have been drawing down troops instead of ramping it up.

When leftists get their brains wrapped around defeat there is no stopping their brains. In the end it costs our troops their lives and the very respect they are due, especially from politicians. It is our military that makes it possible for every damn citizen to enjoy their lives in any manner they see fit. When Harry Reid, John Kerry, Dick Durbin speak of them as animals instead of the heroes they are—that is when Americans need to ensure those douchebags who betrayed American fighting men and women deploy home for a long R&R!

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Blago Bloggo August 9, 2009 at 11:25:00 AM EDT  

Other than Kokesh what other IVAW douchebags are running?

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