03 August 2009

Dems plan to subvert legislative process to pass Health Care Change Bill

Is there a dirtier word than Congress?

Progressive douchebags in Congress are planning to misuse the "reconciliation" process to force healthcare through this year. The socialist mainstream of the Democrat party are going to get whatever half-assed cover they can from so-called "blue dog" Democrats and "bipartisan" Republican turncoats and pass two watered down bills in the House and Senate, that will be reconciled in committee into an unrecognizable betrayal of the bills that are passed in the open votes. Here is the problem. The Senate rules that allow for reconciliation were written by Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) as a way of cutting spending, so any reconciliation is required to save money. The Democrats writing the reconciliation will use fraudulent accounting tricks to pretend their bill reduces spending, and combine it with massive and hidden tax increases in order to have some kind of plausible narrative as to how the bill saves money.

Or... they may break the bill up into several pieces that separately appear not quite as awful as expected, but together enable the totalitarian takeover of health care that Democrats want.

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Progressives are neo-barbarian, luddite fools who want to replace all scientific progress with their failed, pseudo-scientific, utopian fairy tale and take us back to the paleolithic period. In other words they are douchebags.

Q: Do you have a problem with Progressive Insurance?

We don't have a problem with their insurance product. But the company is also a major giver of money to politically progressive causes, and because of that the owners and managers are total douchebags.

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