22 August 2009

Dingy Harry Reid’s evil spawn down 21 points in the polls

Next year will be a bad year for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and his accidental spill, Rory.

Daddy is seeking another term in the Senate. And his demonic milt is running for governor, and is 21 points behind in the Mason-Dixon poll.

Let me repeat, that’s down 21 points in a Democratic Party primary.

Nevadan's want change, their favorite candidates for governor aren't even running for office.

If the governor's election were held today, Nevadan's would prefer that U.S. District Court Judge Brian Sandoval and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman square off in a general election.

Don't those sun-baked Nevadan's like the Reid family? Don't they appreciate that Las Vegas has a 13% unemployment rate?

Don't they understand that the Grand Douchess of the Senate made sure that putrid pile of Porkulus got pushed through without pause...how's that working, asshole?

Speaking of that Jerk-off Harry Reid...he's always got his hands full....and he's a busy politician too.

Seven other individuals are seeking the GOP nomination to run against the entrenched one.

Mark Amodei (R) State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney & Army Veteran

Sharron Angle (R) Ex-State Assemblywoman, Businesswoman & '06 US Rep. Candidate

John Chachas (R) Investment Banker & Ex-Congressional Intern

Chuck Kozak (R) Attorney & USMC Veteran

Sue Lowden (R) State GOP Chair

Danny Tarkanian (R) Businessman, Attorney, '06 Sec. of State Nominee & '04 State Sen. Nominee

Robin Titus (R) Physician

One of them that catches my eye is Danny Tarkanian, a Las Vegas businessman of Armenian descent. He is seeking the Republican Party nomination to challenge the Senate leader in the 2010 elections.

He is the son of College basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. Danny Tarkanian previously ran for the Nevada State Senate in 2004 and Nevada Secretary of State in 2006, he lost both times, but in his last run he received over 230,000 votes.

But Sen. Reid, who is running for a fifth term in the Senate, has Not been doing his job long enough to raise $25 million in campaign cash.

Nevada has another senator his name is John Ensign, a Republican who has recently admitted to an extramarital affair...hey John, come over here....you're a fucking douchebag idiot on a stick....but I digress...

Harry Reid really stunk up the joint this week. In a stunning display of crassholery, Reid (and the White House, as well) began to intimate that Democrats were ready to completely ignore both the Republicans and those 'Blue-dog corporate bastards' (the left's words not mine) on healthcare reform. They would instead just go ahead and use the budget reconciliation they set up earlier this year. Meaning they'd only need 50 votes (plus Joe Biden) to approve it.....go ahead punk, Make my day.

Be like Bo Jackson and 'just do it'...you'll quickly be able to chase your dream of becoming the change-maker for the Nickel-slots during the Thrice-yearly Polyester conventions.

But let me tell you something about Harry the soft-boiled egghead, he has in the past shown a propensity for talking tough when he's bellied up to the breakfast bar, then folding like a cheese omelet when it comes time to show some Huevos.

Harry the lily-livered libertine needs to be ejected, emitted and/or expelled from senate as soon as possible.

America is counting on you Nevada!...don't blow it

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Aunt Flo August 23, 2009 at 12:15:00 PM EDT  


Polls show potential GOP challengers would beat Harry Reid

Tarkanian claims early GOP lead

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