08 August 2009

Video: Forked Tongue Obama

He started talking with the sweet-talking side of his forked tongue, all lovey dovey and slick, and finished the speech with the bullying thug side, like an abusive boyfriend. He sure is dreamy isn't he, with those half-closed bedroom eyes and the muscly physique. He's like one of those boyfriends who makes you seem like you're the center of the world until he has you where he wants you, and then he treats you like shit. Uhhh, I'm not gay, but I can imagine... <blush>

How can anybody trust him after seeing this?

What a douchebag, and a dreamboat! But are you sure you want to get back together with that boyfriend?

h/t: HotAir.

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Aunt Flo August 9, 2009 at 12:45:00 AM EDT  

That slimy little two-headed lizard reminds me of my ex-husband..

he could lie like an Oriental Rug...

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