05 August 2009

Nancy [D-CA], you ignorant, progressive, slut...

How do you live with yourself? How do you not choke on the bile filled projection which comes out of your ignorant yap?

Seriously...you compared hardworking Americans, whose only wish is that you leave them the hell alone [including our HealthCare], to Nazi's!!

Yes Nancy...we are all just a bunch of teabaggin redneck Nazi's carrying swastikas*. But we are not.

We are you worst fucking nightmare. We are an informed electorate who you and your fellow douches on Capitol Hill have managed to finally push into a corner. Well my personal fight or flight instinct leans towards fight...so that is what I shall do.

You've done gone and woken up the Tree Ents...and you have done so in ignorance of their strength.

Now pay close attention Nancy because I want you to understand what you are about to see...This is a metaphorical expression of what I want done to your policies

Douche Baggins McGee...out!!

* Ever heard of Godwin's Law...Debate FAIL

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Blago Bloggo August 6, 2009 at 9:45:00 AM EDT  

Just freaking amazing that those at the TOP of the Democrats use this kind of FOUL imagery and language and yet we get tarred with birthers! The oldstream media is DEAD and BURIED and they did it to themselves in 2008. I can just imagine if a Republican had made those remarks about citizens of the United States of America it would be on every damn channel for the next 4 days! BASTARDS!

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