06 August 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Sultan Mubarak Hussein Milhous "X" Obama Jr.

#IAMTHEMOB with a Happy Belated Birthday wish for the man whose parents, both committed Communists, met in a Russian Language class in 1960. Listen to the dulcet tones (snort) of Glenn Beck, one of America's real anchormen, go on and on with warning bell after warning bell until you wonder why it didn't sound like you were trapped up in a bell tower with 20 full sized bells ringing the carillon before the 2008 elections.

And this is the way they ring
the bells in Bedlam
(from Ringing the Bells by Anne Sexton)

Well, watch it again and again. It never grows old.

Though the people's love of the regime of Sultan Obama may grow old long before his term ends.

And this is the way they ring
the bells in Bedlam
and this is the bell-lady
who comes each Tuesday morning
to give us a music lesson
and because the attendants make you go
and because we mind by instinct,
like bees caught in the wrong hive,
we are the circle of crazy ladies
who sit in the lounge of the mental house
and smile at the smiling woman
who passes us each a bell,
who points at my hand
that holds my bell, E flat,
and this is the gray dress next to me
who grumbles as if it were special
to be old, to be old,
and this is the small hunched squirrel girl
on the other side of me
who picks at the hairs over her lip,
who picks at the hairs over her lip all day,
and this is how the bells really sound,
as untroubled and clean
as a workable kitchen,
and this is always my bell responding
to my hand that responds to the lady
who points at me, E flat;
and although we are not better for it,
they tell you to go. And you do.
(Ringing the Bells by Anne Sexton)

Happy Belated Birthday, Sultan

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Blago Bloggo August 6, 2009 at 9:05:00 AM EDT  

Fantastic clip. Glenn Beck has just the right touch. Did I detect a touch of sarcasm?

Blago Bloggo August 6, 2009 at 7:45:00 PM EDT  

I find it absolutely amazing that the oldstream media ignored his entire leftist upbringing and didn't note that the Wright thing was part of that but of course all those assholes believe in the same thing. Those idiots always forget history because once leftism takes hold and the people are no longer free they always KILL the elite first interestingly enough the elite are who propel them to power....vicious little cycle that which goes to show there should NEVER be an elite power structure in the US!

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