05 August 2009

Health care professionals realize that Douches are dangerous

There are politicians whose very appearance can make you to turn your gaze in disgust, uttering the word "douche" in a long drawn out breath.

Whether it's Democrats in power not allowing time to really read and understand the proposed Porkulus and Healthcare Plans or those same Democrats wanting the American people to shut up while promising to clean their vaginas of unwanted odors.

The Congressional Budget Office strongly discourages Douches, warning that they can lead to recession, currency devaluation, and a hole so big, you'll have to tie a 2x4 to your ankles to keep from falling in.

Barack Obama has a variety of negative qualities, such as arrogance and engaging in obnoxious and/or irritating actions....yes, he's super-douchey.

Robert Gibbs, official White House douche-nozzle, told the press today that the Republicans are sending "Right Wing Extremists and Teabaggers" to disrupt the Town Hall Meetings being held by Senators and Congressmen in their home states.

Teabaggers......Fuck off Gibbs.

Temporary Democrat and Republican critters are hearing loud and clear from the people in their states. They don't like Obama's policies and his rush to push them through.

Videos show angry (what's wrong with angry?) Town Hall Meeting attendees asking Resident Obama and temporary Representatives if they will drop their gold-plated government healthcare, bendover and use the healthcare program that will be inflicted everyday Americans.

The temporary Democrats and the Resident Obama are hiding the real costs of their plans, while they try to brainwash the American people into believing that the plans are cost effective and can be used after intercourse as a method of birth control.

Obama is pushing for "end of life counseling for the elderly"...does it mean the elderly will not get prescriptions, medical care, self-cleaning and natural bacterial culture they need to stay alive?

Our President is not listening because he apparently does not care what the American people believe in and want for our country. More later.

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